Textpipe variables

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Textpipe variables

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Are there variables unique to textpipe that can be used to refer to values set in the GUI? For instance, if I want to set a run external program filter option referencing a filename (or foldername) in the Files to Process tab, I would like to be able to use a simple variable to reference this piece of information. For example, I know in a bat file I could use a for command with a /f %~pV variable substitution, assuming that %V is the variable, to get the folder path. Anything along the lines of the %~pV option, just as an example, is what I'm trying to find.
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Re: Textpipe variables

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You can embed environment variables e.g. %COMSPEC% in most fields, and also macros e.g. @FULLINPUTFILENAME.

It depends on the field in question - please consult the help file for detailed information.
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