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convert from column to row

Post by joeweb »


it seems that I found the tool that could make my life easier, but at the moment I'm not sure which is right way to use it.

I need to import the textfile from a "former" outlook pst file into a separate database. So far I was able to convert the pst to a txt file. But the layout of this txt is in rows insted of columns. In this way I can not import the data properly. So I'm looking for a solution to "convert" the data.

This is what it looks like at the moment (with several 100 mails in one file)

From [no data]
From: [no data]
To: [no data]
Subject: Messaggi
Sent: [no data]
X-Folder: Posta eliminata
X-Text: 1
here we see the conten of the mail.
the lenght of this text is different in each mail.
some short, some long

From [no data2]
From: [no data2]
To: [no data2]
Subject: Messaggi2
Sent: [no data2]
Date: 12.12.12
X-Folder: Posta eliminata
another text

and so on....

should look like:
From | From | To: | Subject: | Sent: | Date: | X-Folder: | X-Text: |
mail1 a@b xx abc 12.12. vv posta blabla
mail2 a@b xx abc 13.12. vv posta blabla

any idea for me how to start that action?


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Post by DataMystic Support »

Can't you just search/replace the \r\n characters to a | pipe character?
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