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i need to find rows of data from a very large teradata table and am wondering if I can use text pipe to find those rows as it brings the data in. I have a list of company names that will be contained in one of the fields but they will not match perfectly as some company names are abbreviated etc. To do it in the database, I would have to write a case statement and a when clause for 82 different companys in a table that has 70 million rows. I would rather add the company list and restrict the lines so it only keeps the lines with the companies from the list. Is this possible?
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Re: odbc

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Hi Sheridan,

Yes - you could certainly use a 'Filters\Remove\Remove lines\Remove non-matching lines' filter, with company search text of

Code: Select all

for the initial part of each company name.

Doing it in TeraData is likely to be quicker, especially if you're pulling the data via ODBC.
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