Why isn't it extracting the phone numbers?

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Why isn't it extracting the phone numbers?

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I'm using the EasyPattern filter in textpipe pro and applying it to a .txt file that contains the html code from a Yellowpages.ca page. Within this document it contains as an example the following code:

<A class="phoneNumber" href="http://www.yellowpages.ca/search/si/1/h ... onto%2C+ON#" alt="Call" title="Free Call. Click the phone number to be contacted via phone by the business." onclick="javascript: openWin('/amurl/2851529/00135600/hair%252Bsalon/Toronto%25252C%252BON?link=http%3A%2F%2Fypg.dlcworldwide.com%2Fclick2.php%2Fe07b8afd80ec439df3ed0e634daf910d%3Fc%3D1fcd1c2026aecf6840bc14f2599d811f%26t%3D14162602875%26dn%3DPrisma%2BHair%2BDesign%26e%3D1274496993%26o%3Dnoip%26y%3Dd%26m%3Dn', '680', '425');" rel="nofollow" name="&lid=free_call&lpos=in_listing_left" onmousedown="_hbSet('cv.c2','1294800_lpp|free_call_hair salon');_hbSet('cv.c3','00135600|107554');_hbSet('cv.c17','hair salon_Toronto ON|l_y');_hbSet('cv.c18','hair salon_Toronto ON|l_1');_hbSend();">

As a test I entered the following into the Find EasyPattern field and made sure Extract Matches was ticked:

[3 digits, punctuation, 3 digits, punctuation, 4 digits]

Nothing is being extracted into the output file that I have specified. Shouldn't it have detected the phone number 416-260-2875 and extracted it? It seems to comply with the syntax I have entered..
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Re: Why isn't it extracting the phone numbers?

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Did you place

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in the Replace With field
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