Removing "alternative" text from emails

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Removing "alternative" text from emails

Post by Tobias »

Hi. I'm a very new user of TextPipe for AskSam, and have been working with the EasyPattern mode, which seems to do most of what I have wanted, until I came to this problem. The email files (formerly saved as txt) have sections where the same text appeared in both txt and html form; the html form is usually set off between codes that look like this:

--=_alternative 07834663047574389_=
This is there the text comes.
More text....
--=_alternative 07834663047574389_=

What I'd like to do is strip out the "alternative" codes and anything that comes between them. I tried this EasyPattern in Replace mode, replacing with empty, but it doesn't work.

--=_alternative [(oneOrmore digits)1]_=
[oneOrmore paragraph]
--=_alternative [group1]_=

Another thought I had was to use the Remove Lines not matching function as a subfilter within the range of lines between the "alternative" codes and then clean those up later, but I'm not sure how to make that work.

Thanks for any help
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Hi Tobias,

I think the problem here was the amount of text between the tags - the new version of TextPipe has the ability to up this from 32k to whatever you need. I think this was why the text was never removed. Also, the code around the alternate text changes each time.
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