Question about variable length

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Question about variable length

Post by niamh »

I have a filter set up to extract a customers data that contains a variable described as PIC 9(11)V99, with a length of 13. This works fine. However the customer has now changes their specification to
PIC 9(11)V99-. Broken down to:
9(11) = 11 bytes
v = 0 bytes (implied decimal point)
99 = 2 bytes (decimal places)
- = 1 byte (positive/negative value)

This adds up to 14 bites in length. Textpipe does not seem to recognise the “–“. Could you tell me if there is a problem with the syntax or if there is a way to add this to Textpipe.

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Re: Question about variable length

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Just change the definition to
PIC S9(11)V99

- that's the standard way of representing a sign in a COBOL copybook.

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