Extract several parts of a text

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Extract several parts of a text

Post by gerd »

This is an enhancement of viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1443 related to "extract several parts of a line". The task is to extract from html files the
All <b>(.*)</b><br> within the html file

and combine everything in a separate file or as clipboard output.
Example excerpt of a html file:
<title>Hi, this is a title </title>
Assuming this is in the <body> of file text01.htm
<b>This is example text Hi</b><br>
.......Text .....
<b>This is example text Morning</b><br>
.......Text .....
<b>Here is another example text</b><br>
.......Text .....

The requested result are the following extractions of the html files like e.g.
Hi, this is a title
This is example text Hi
This is example text Morning
Here is another example text

and so on for all html files. I have tried a couple of ideas but it I could not make it with Textpipe. It seems to me that I would need TextpipePro for it or to switch for the extraction to a php script. Or can you advise me a solution with Textpipe Lite?
Thanks gerd
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