Visual indication of file not modified

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Visual indication of file not modified

Post by dfhtextpipe »

Would be possible to provide an extra visual indication that a filter has not been modified?

The save icon in the Toolbar could be greyed out when the filter has not been modified.
Clicking on a greyed out icon should have no effect. i.e. The filter would not be saved.
Likewise the Save option in the File menu could be greyed out too.
Many Windows programs employ this technique. You could apply this suggestion across the board.

It has a further benefit, in that the user doesn't inadvertently save a filter that doesn't need to be saved, thus preserving the filedate.

If an unmodified filter is required to be saved, the user can still use the file Save As... option.

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Re: Visual indication of file not modified

Post by DataMystic Support »

Thanks for the suggestion David,

The title bar shows whether TP thinks a filter has been saved or not - but this is not 100% accurate, nor do I want to enforce behaviour around it.

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