Calculations in TextPipe Pro?

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Calculations in TextPipe Pro?

Post by Ian »

Wondering if there are any sample scripts or 'easy' ways to do calculations?
Now I use Excel (Mac OS), but it would be nice if everything could be done in TextPipe Pro.

E.g. Want to add a number (130) to a tab delimited column of variable numbers.
524 +130 = 654
1500 + 130 = 1630
80 + 130 = 210
5 + 130 = 135

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Ian @ Ashiya, Japan
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Post by DataMystic Support »


First use a tab field restriction. Inside it, use a Script filter to write a one line of code to perform your calculation.

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Post by Ian »

4,000+ calculations etc. a day in a matter of seconds. Great! :D

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