v8.9.3 now available

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v8.9.3 now available

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v8.9.3 has been released and fixes a number of bugs with 8.9.2.

We're having a lot of trouble with the TextPipe 8.9-8.9.2 releases, so much so that we have temporarily rolled back the evaluation and secure release to the stable 8.8.2.

The problems only seems to affect filters that end up processing no files (where no files matched) . The elapsed time timer keeps ticking over instead of ending and TextPipe crashes after 2 to 8 seconds.

We are working hard to resolve this problem, and appreciate your understanding.

Note - due to the change in .fll file format, v8.9.2 filters will not load in 8.8.2. if you have v8.9.2 filters that you need to use in v8.8.2, you can use v8.9.2's File\Export\Export to VBScript to export them to script, then install v8.8.2 and run the .vbs scripts to regenerate them.
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