Assigning Value Limit $1, $2... $9

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Assigning Value Limit $1, $2... $9

Post by stevenng »

Has anyone experienced this problem, say you have over 9 values and you assign them like this $1, $2 .... $9.

When you have 10 or more values, simply doing $10 doesn't work it gives you "$1" with a "0" attached. Anyone have a solution?



Post by stevenng »

nevermind, i saw the error that said only a max of $9 subexpressions were allowed :)
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Not quite correct - up to 10 are allowed in TextPipe Web.

TextPipe Standard and Pro allow up to 26 -after $0, $1...$9, it goes $a, $b, $c...$z

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