TextPipe 9.0 released!

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TextPipe 9.0 released!

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Login to the secure area now to get the latest TextPipe! Lots of new features, refinements, and the odd bug fix.

Or get the latest Evaluation download here
http://www.datamystic.com/downloads/dow ... xtPipe+Pro

* New filter to perform a calculation on restricted text e.g. add 1.5 to a
* Comment filter now allows Unicode text.
* Windows Home Server no longer considered a 'Server' platform.
* Log files now support Unicode.
* Fixed action of 'Skip/Replace in Rest of File' when used inside a restriction
- previously it carried forward for the rest of the job, instead of the rest
of the current file.
* Remove multiple whitespace filter now generates detailed log information.
* Trial Runs now generate the same logging data as real runs.
* Fixed missing filters from Lite Edition.
* TextPipe only registers its COM object during install and for the /REGSERVER
command line option - preventing errors on less-than-admin use.
* Restored action of F9 button to start running when the All Filters view is
* Opening and Updating zip file log messages are now clickable.
* Updated third-party zip DLL to improve Windows x64 support.
* Fixed handling of double backslashes in the replacement term for
search/replace lists when consecutive search was selected.
* Unicode strings are now converted to UTF8 when the perl pattern filter has
UTF8 mode selected.
* Restrict to matching/non-matching filenames now works with files of unlimited
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