TextPipe Engine registry entries

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TextPipe Engine registry entries

Post by rconn »

The documentation for the TextPipe engine says it is necessary to create some registry entries in "HKCU\SOFTWARE\DataMystic\TextPipe Engine" when installing on a customer's system. But when I look at the registry, I see there are *two* TextPipe Engine keys:

HKCU\SOFTWARE\DataMystic\TextPipe Engine

I don't see a reference anywhere in the docs to "TPEngine", but it is recreated by the textpipe engine when I run it. Should both keys be there? If not, in which one should I be creating the registry entries?

Using 9.1.

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Re: TextPipe Engine registry entries

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There has definitely been some confusion here on this.

The installer used 'TextPipe Engine'
The DLL used TPEngine
The documentation used a mixture.

We have now standardized all usage to 'TextPipe Engine', and this will be ready for the next release.
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