Grep filter and countMatches

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Grep filter and countMatches

Post by rconn »

Hi Simon:

Not sure if this is confusion in the documentation or something wrong with the Grep filter:

Using the TextPipe Engine, I'm calling addGrepFilter with "countMatches=1". The help says:

countMatches - true to only output a count of the number of matches, default False

But what it actually does is print out all of the matching (or non-matching, depending on "type") lines, and then print the countMatches result at the end.

Is this WAD? If so, is there a way to print JUST the countMatches value without all the matching/nonmatching lines?
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Re: Grep filter and countMatches

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Hi Rex,

It sounds like you are using a type of 0 or 1, instead of a type of 3 or 4:

Code: Select all

0 Restrict lines matching
1 Restrict lines NOT matching
2 Extract matches
3 Extract matching lines (grep)
4 Extract non-matching lines (inverse grep)
5 Remove matching lines
6 Remove non-matching lines
Types 0 and 1 will return every single match to the filters inside the restriction, which then modify those matching lines further.

Types 3 and 4 will remove all non-matching text.
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