Convert RTF to RTF ?

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Convert RTF to RTF ?

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This idea first requires explaining.

Files saved as RTF from high end programs such as MS Word are much more complex internally than RTF files saved from WordPad.
Thus RTF files saved from WordPad are relatively easy to understand when viewed with an ordinary text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++.
Moreover, TextPipe can be readily used to make systematic replacements, etc., within such RTF files.

TextPipe already provides a filter to Convert Word documents to text.

By analogy, three further conversions are suggested, making use of installed external programs.
Only the first would call MS Word; the second and third would both call on WordPad.
  • Convert Word documents to RTF
    Convert RTF files to WordPad RTF
    Convert RTF files to Unicode (UTF16-LE)
WordPad is a seriously undervalued resource - yet the underlying engine is something that other software has begun to exploit.
e.g. Visit
Is this something you'd give some thought to as regards enhancing TextPipe?
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