TextPipe 9.5 has been released! New pricing for Std version

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TextPipe 9.5 has been released! New pricing for Std version

Post by DataMystic Support »

TextPipe 9.5 - EasyPattern and Mainframe updates, $79 Standard version

End conversion hell with TextPipe 9.5 - the easiest way to
convert, transform or data mine text files such as web sites,
mainframe reports, spool files and much more.

-- What's New --

* Added log entries for size/date of ignored files.
* Search/replace lists can now generate log entries – useful for debugging.
Also, logs can be output only for where replacements occurred, which keeps
the log size manageable when importing large search/replace lists (default On
when loading existing filters as previously no logging was done).
* EasyPatterns v2.8 – new keywords EBCDICletter, EBCDICupper, EBCDIClower,
DayNameShort, DayNameLong, MonthNameShort, MonthNameLong, YearShort,
YearLong, Float, Integer. WordBreak is a new synonym for WordBoundary. The
behavior of number, numbers and numeric has been changed so that instead of
matching a single digit (which is already handled by the digit keyword), they
now match a number with an optional sign and optional decimal point.
* Filter comments can now be included in the output log, from the filter
options settings at the top of the tree. This greatly assists in debugging
complex filters.
* New filter to repeat subfilters X times; useful when you are not sure how
many times a search/replace pattern needs to be applied.
* Named subexpressions created by a Split on Pattern filter are now saved as
global variables for use in other filters. Useful for pushing split pattern
text into filenames.
* If Prompt On Replace is disabled during a filter list, the filter is now
marked as modified when the Prompt form is closed.
* Search/replace lists now discard blank search terms and terms where the
replacement is identical to the search.
* Log filename now has environment variables resolved before display.
* Partial trial runs now reset the status window properly.
* Better handling of split filenames with errors in them.
* Filter components relative to the filter path now work in Unicode folder
* Restrict to Inside filenames is now available in the Lite version to assist
batch file re-naming.
* Upgraded PDF component from 8.15 to 9.13 – now handles a greater range of PDF
document types.
* Updated to Zip, Unicode and PCRE v7.5.
* Fixed handling of EasyPattern Ascii() keyword.
* Fixed bug with Right-click\Delete on files in the file list.
* Fixed bug in search/replace list, in perl pattern match mode. If the search
term contained brackets (), then replacement phrases on rows following it
were mismatched.
* Split filter now copes with absolute pathnames in the split filename. Split
filter now outputs log entries when it starts a new file, and outputs
separate logging details for each split file.
* Number of files processed now does not include files inside zip containers.
The current file being processed now shows the zip container and the internal
* Fixed export of Search/Replace lists filters to VBScript.
* Fixed incorrect path for shell extensions on install.

TextPipe can be automated, embedded, or scripted from your favorite
programming language.

TextPipe is fully compatible with Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista,
Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT 4.x, 95/98/ME.
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Re: TextPipe 9.5 has been released! New pricing for Std vers

Post by dfhtextpipe »

Like the new reduced price for the Standard Edition. :)

Just found a serious implementation bug in one of the issues fixed.

See updated issue subject List index out of bounds (-1) error

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