TextPipe 9.6 released - Progressive trial run, improved GUI

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TextPipe 9.6 released - Progressive trial run, improved GUI

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* Trial run area now shows output progressively – giving important feedback
earlier in the filter development lifecycle.
* Now shows '(more pending)' next to the file count if more files remain to be
counted, so users aren't misled that only 1000 files will be processed.
* Added new filter list menu items for Remove exactly, Remove perl pattern, and
Remove EasyPattern
* File grid now allows mass-changing of Action or Subfolder columns using
right-click menu after selecting rows in the row number column.
* File grid ensures that the top blank row is used with drag/drop.
* Pressing [Tab] in a memo control now inserts a tab – it no longer changes
focus to the next field.
* Updated Perl regexp third-party package.
* Updated PDF third-party package.
* Re-ordered scratch pad and gave tabs consecutive numbers.
* 'Delete' action of search/replace grid now much faster for entire-grid
* TextPipe now warns if a Convert Word/Excel to Text filter is used at the same
time as the Input Filter/Process Inside Compressed files option – these are
not compatible.
* Fixed missing comma in VBScript/Jscript code generation for search/replace
* Installer - fixed x32 shell extensions missing under Windows x32.
* Replace List path is now relative to the filter path.
* Using File Menu\Open to open non-filter files, now adds them to the current
Files To Process list.
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