Export to sed, perl or whatever

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Export to sed, perl or whatever

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My colleague is a textpipe user. We collaborate in a larger group, where everyone else but him/her is a reasonably competent programmer and uses Perl or Sed for the tasks he would use TextPipe.

None of us are interested in moving towards a Windows or indeed a GUI programme for tasks we are doing happily in other ways.

For him to continue to contribute we would require that his TextPipe work is documented in a fashion that it is repeatable in a to us more normal way - without access to TextPipe and useful under Unix/Linux without Wine

So the question is - is there any way by which he can export the regexes and filters he has built in TextPipe in a way we could use or at least adapt for use on Perl or Sed?

This is not to detract from textpipe - he is clearly happy, we are happy for him to continue using it, but we need some documentation for what he has done and the ability to repeat it in for us a more useful way.
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Re: Export to sed, perl or whatever

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The easiest option is for him to use File Menu\Export to generate a human-readable version of his filter list.

In the forthcoming v9.9, there is a also a command line switch /EXPORT=<filename> which allows the text version to be generated automatically, and/or kept under source code control and diffed.
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