Extracting text between BeginPoint and EndPoint

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Extracting text between BeginPoint and EndPoint

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I have hit a stone wall in trying to accomplish the following in TextPipe.

I want to extract everything from "<td valign=top><B>Any Name</B>" through at least the first instance of "<BR><I>(Plaintiff)</I></td>". (It would be nice if I could extract through the last instance, but I don't need miracles.)

Here is a sample of the source data:

Code: Select all

<td valign=top><B>Any Name</B>  
<BRLaw Law Firm
<BR>11 East Wacker Drive
<BR>Suite 5759
<BR>Chicago, IL 60601
<BR>(312) 123-4567
&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Assigned: 12/04/2015</I><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED</I></td>
<td>representing </td>
<td><B>Any Name</B>
</TR><td valign=top></td>
<td><B>Another Name </B>
</TR><td valign=top></td>
<td><B>Someones Name </B>
</TR><td valign=top><B>DefendantFirm</B>
<BR>Big Law Firm
<BR>214 West Monroe Street
<BR>Suite 7410
<BR>Chicago, IL 60606
<BR>(312) 456-7890
&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Assigned: 11/22/2015</I><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED</I></td>
<td>representing </td>
I would appreciate responses for both Perl and EasyPattern, though I will be grateful for anything that allows me to do the job.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Extracting text between BeginPoint and EndPoint

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Hi Jerry,

Sorry for the late reply.

Here is an EasyPattern:

Search for:
<td valign=top><B>Any Name</B>"[ 1+ chars ]<BR><I>(Plaintiff)</I></td>

Replace with:

Remember to check the Extract option.

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