Odd search and replace question

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Odd search and replace question

Post by CSmith »

My boss has asked me to figure out how to use a text file to set the filter settings for TextPipePro. I am including an example of the text file, for ease of discussion:

[Script for Search and Replace]
Max Display Chars=512
String Color=255
Max Items Saved=5
File Color=16711680
Backup Path=
Num Detail Entries=5
Before Hit=<
After Hit=>
Max Reg Expr=32767
Write to Backup Dir=0
Unzip Dir=c:windowsTEMP
Show Files Without Hits=0
Display Replace String=0
Display File Stats=0
Reverse Filters=0
Min Size Filter=0
Max Size Filter=0
Min Date Filter=
Max Date Filter=
Skip Files Mask=0
Ignore Attributes=55
Keep file time stamp=0
One hit=0
Cache File List=1
Sort File Names=0
Sort Ascending=1
Append to output file=0
[Search /iw]
[Search /iw]
"job title"
[Search /iw]
[End of Search and Replace Script]

I am not sure what software was being used to generate these search and replace filters, as i was not a part of the staff at that time.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.

Chris Smith
Research / IT Support
Managment Advisors International, Inc
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Hi Chris,

That file isn't one that is used or understood by TextPipe, but you can certainly use a text file to load filter settings into TextPipe. Just check the help under the Command line settings.
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