question about replacement

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question about replacement

Post by DustyCorner »

I purchased TextPipe in order to replace one part of a file with another.
I have a large website with approximately 5,500 different files, total size 1.4 gigs
I had the "Google Search Engine" on my site and found that it was not effective for the size of the site. I found a different search engine program and really does the job very well.
I would like to replace one HTML script with another.
I have tried several times in several different ways to do this and each time it does not work. Either it deals with only one web page at a time-which would be a pain for the size of the site or it does nothing
I know that I am doing something wrong but do not have a clue.

My level of webpage design is low-I ended redoing this site after the original web designer died.

I am learning but there are gaps in my understanding
Thank you
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Hi there,

Most likely your search text does not exactly match the text in each file. You could try recoding this as an EasyPattern matches, including

[1+whitespace] whereever there is a newline or space.

You could also examine files it fails on and include extra search/replace filters to cover those too.
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