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Search/Replace lists

Post by MarkR »

I'm using Search/Replace lists to resolve large numbers of links across 100's of html files. I build lists of all anchors and which file they appear in, a single list maybe 10,000 lines long (ideally I'd like to make them much larger).

The problem is when I run the search and replace using these lists, the application gives me an error "List index out of bounds (1)" immediately or runs briefly before giving the message. In this case CPU usage will jump to 100%ish (not the problem) but memory usage jumps up steeply until it runs out.

If I run the lists in the same way but in smaller chunks of, perhaps, 1000 lines, it runs fine and memory usage goes up only very slightly (apparently less than 10% of when I get the error).

I'm not too sure exactly what is happening here, are there any solutions or do I just need to work with much smaller search/replace lists?

Any insights on this issue gratefully received.
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Hi Mark,

Can you please email us your large search/replace list and your filter so we can reproduce the error? I assume this is with TP 7.3.1.
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