Can TextPipe Do This?

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Can TextPipe Do This?

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To Whom it May Concern,

We need to modify a lot of files similar to the text file attached to this e-mail.

Specifically removing all text associated with the second (2nd) and third (3rd) <div class=row> ... </div> sections including the opening and closing div statements (2nd - lines 46 thru 87, 3rd - lines 89 thru 130).

Please note line numbers change from file to file.

See attached pdf file.

Need to remove all red text.

Please note sample files are a small example section of code and not the entire file.

Can you provide the code required?

Looking for an automated solution to use on many files which have differen contend but the same basic layout.

Is this possible?

From my limited view I would need variables to keep track of matching:

1) <div class="row>
2) <div
3) </div>

Then code would be needed to:

1) look for the second occurance of <div class="row>
2) keep track of any occurance of <div and matching </div>
3) look for closing </div> for step 1 after all open <div statements are closed from step 2
4) delete second occurance of <div class="row> everything in between and closing </div>
5) repeat process for third occurance of <div class="row>

Hoping you have a simpler solution.

Thank you,

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Re: Can TextPipe Do This?

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Addressing vie email
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