RTF-format; replacing of strings

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RTF-format; replacing of strings

Post by Rolf »

I am absolutely not familiar with this rtf-format and do have difficulties to obtain the proper results.
For example: the normal "line-feed" commands do not work and there seems to be a special " \par".
When I use this string the "document header" is also modified and the result does not meet my expectations.

The question:
What is the right strategy to modify ONLY the content of a rtf-document?
In other words: I just want to modify a rtf-document in the same way as a txt-file (but maintaining the general lay-out).

Thx in advance for advise/help!
best regards - Rolf
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Hi Rolf,

In short, I don't know. RTF format, although well documented by Microsoft, still takes a lot to understand. If I were you, I'd look at the nearby tags and work out a rule of thumb so that only the sections you want changed are actually changed, and then use TextPipe's subfiltering to do so.
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