TextPipe 11.8 released

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TextPipe 11.8 released

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TextPipe is a market leading self-service data preparation solution for data extraction.

Extract, transform and load (ETL) data from anywhere - giving super powers
to your data-wranglers such as ETL developers, programmers, data
scientists and data analytics professionals. Connect to multiple data
sources including structured and unstructured data, cloud-based data,
and big data. Handle Mainframe EBCDIC COBOL copybook data
(https://www.datamystic.com/convert-mainframe-copybook-to-pc.html) (single or multi-
segment, packed fields, OCCURS etc), SSIS
(https://www.datamystic.com/textpipe/landing-data-historian-iot%3edata%20historian%3c/a%3e%20data,%09%09%09%09%20%3ca%20href=) ,
HTML, XML, JSON, fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc), log files and
reports of any size or dimension. Extract content from Word, Excel and PDF and more.
It's an affordable alternative to Altair Monarch and Matillion.

DataMystic now offers pre-built patterns for common mainframe conversions such as
Texas Railroad Commission Oil and Gas Masters (https://www.datamystic.com/buy/textpipe-filters).

What's New in TextPipe v11.8

* Added Redaction filters to replace or mask out sensitive field
data such as customer information, medical records, and employee IDs.
Safely distribute reports to partners and customers without
compromising customer and employee privacy, even in heavily
regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services.
Redaction filters include:

X-over text
X-over digits
X-over digits except last 4
X-over non-blanks
Replace with blanks
Redact with pseudo NHS
Redact with pseudo SSN
Redact with pseudo bank number

* Mainframe filter now diagnoses erroneous characters found in packed
fields. EBCDIC diagnostic dumps are provided with row, column and field
name, along with a recommend PIC 9/X/BINARY clause to fix the issue.
* Fixed wrong search/replace filter type being created by COM automation.
* Fixed Remove Multiple Whitespace filter under-reporting tab removals.
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Re: TextPipe 11.8 released

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How to download?


Here we have 11.7.5 only!

cb9472aadddc0f32c95d98a02c390131 *textpipepro-cr.exe
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