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Hi, Simon...

congrats on a great product... Just started using it, already completed several data cleansing projects..

Question: (forgive my ignorance, i'm new to this)... I'm trying to use the data connection filter. How do I "hard code" into the filter the sql statement I need it to pass to the ODBC driver? A related question is how do I read the file or specify the input into the trial run area

I'm trying to write it in a way that it can be run from the command line interface, on a machine that won't have the full text pipe installed. What other prodcts / licences do I need to purchase to develop and distribute the applet?

Thanks for ur help
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Hi there,

1. Just set the Input Filter to 'Input from Trial Run Input', and then in the Trial Run Input area, just write:

select * from mytable;

or whatever your SQL is.

You can also place this SQL into a file, and use the normal file processing option.

2. If it's just for one client, you'll probably want TextPipe Pro Run Time, which doesn't allow editing. We also have the TextPipe Engine, which is a COM object you can connect to and convert documents on the fly.
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