web-based unicode conversion

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Fouad Alfarhan

web-based unicode conversion

Post by Fouad Alfarhan »

Because of the nature of our work, we use MAC systems extensivly. We have a system on MAC that write text files in (ASMO 449) ISO-8859-6 format to a directory. On our windows system, we wrote a PHP application that will go through these directories and import the files to MSSQL database.

We need the system to convert the text files from ASMO 449) ISO-8859-6 to Unicode before storing it in the database.

Can TEXTPIPE help us doing that without any human intervintion? If not, i would really appreciate it if you could share with me your recommendation.
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Hi Fouad,

Yes, TextPipe can certainly do all this. It can be automated both from the command line and via scripting from another application.

To perform this conversion,
1. Click Filters\Unicode\Convert to/from Unicode (this adds a new filter)
2. Select ISO-8859-6 in the Convert FROM box
3. Select UTF-16 in the Convert TO box.

Then add your file or folder to the Files to Process tab and click [Go].
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