TextPipe 7.6.1 release available

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TextPipe 7.6.1 release available

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What's New in v7.6.1

* New filters to Restrict to ANSI files, and Restrict to Unicode UTF16 files
and Unicode UTF32 files. These are exceptionally handy for only converting
ANSI files to Unicode, or only converting Unicode files to ANSI.
* New filter to convert PDF documents to text format.
* Menu re-organization: Email menu replaced by new Extract menu, encodings
moved to Convert menu. 'Retain...' items renamed to 'Extract...'.
* New macros @randomdigit and @randomletter - very useful for generating test
data or for generating random sort keys.
* New Explorer extension option to Analyse files - detect if they are Unicode,
ANSI, etc.
* Reverse File performance improvement.

What's New in v7.6

* New Unicode filters for Upper case, Lower case and Title case.
* Speed improvements for handling very large files.
* New Expand All/Collapse All menu on All Filters view.
* New scripting function to build filters to convert a Mainframe Copybook.
Copybook wizard now inserts a warning for each unidentified field, making
incorrect fields easy to identify.
* New warning message if no files were found to process.
* Filters\Convert\Numeric HTML entities To Text filter now converts output
characters to UTF-8. The resulting text can then be converted from UTF-8 to
UTF-16 for display.
* Menu items for common grep and conversion filters in the Wizard menu. Wizard
menu now is always expanded.
* Memo and text fields now use the fixed width font.
* Unicode and code page conversions now do not load the entire file into
memory, they convert the file progressively.
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
* Help text added to the Unicode/Code page conversion filter.
* Moved Hex and HTTP encode/decode to the Convert menu.
* Fixed pasting of text into a memo's Find window.
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