TextPipe 6.6.3 has been released

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TextPipe 6.6.3 has been released

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It will be announced next week.

In particular, check out

What's New in v6.6.3

* Vastly improved sorting performance for files larger than 50 MB.
* Simplified user interface by removing
1. Comments tab (old comments are now inserted into the filter
list as the first item)
2. Forcing the MDI child window to initially appear maximized,
making it look like a SDI application. The window size can still
be changed as before
3. Removed the title that appeared above the properties
4. Removing the scratch pad tab unless a loaded filter has text
in the scratch area.
* Added UTF-32 Unicode Maps
* When Prompt On Replace is on, it can now be disabled during the
search. Note - this does not update the tree view immediately,
and if the filter is currently selected it has no effect.
* The evaluation version provides a warning if the user attempts
to modify Excel or Word documents.
* Unicode maps can now append multiple map files together into one
* Unicode maps can now log overlapping regions as warnings or
* Improved Unicode map timings for populating with Default or
blank values.
* Added multi-maps for mapping input Unicode to multiple output
Unicode forms depending on command line parameters.
* /MINIMIZED now examined before any other parameter, eliminating
* Fix error when the file grid was selected in the askSam version.
* Fix for Run Time version that prevented filter additions after a
filter had been loaded with /F=.
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