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DB Conn

Post by mowgli_za »

Can someone please provide a step by step on how to do the following:

I have an Excel spreadsheet with cell An containing words I'd like replaced with the corresponding value in cell Bn.

I need to apply the changes above to a column in a DB Table (i.e. update an entire column in a DB table, making changes represented in the spreadsheet).

Thanks a 10^9.
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Post by DataMystic Support »

Ok. Let me know if you need more details.

1. Using TextPipe, import your Excel spreadsheet as a search/replace list. Save this filter.
2. Using DataPipe (which you may have to download from our website), find the table you need to change, and then use the filter from #1 to apply to the column.
3. When DataPipe is run, the replacements will be performed.
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