Mapping Unicode Characters to String

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jsese @ asiatype
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Mapping Unicode Characters to String

Post by jsese @ asiatype »

Hi! I'm trying out text pipe and i'm testing the mapping filter. I have a input file in utf-8 with some characters in the reserved unicode space (U+EED3, U+EE01, etc) and i want to map them to a string (e.i. "<cf:Arabic Typesetting><0x0020><cf:>") however using the map filter i notice that you cannot directly write the replacement string in the Output string column, instead you have to write the whole thing in \x00\x00\x003C format which for me is very time consuming especially if i have a very long string. Is there any way that i can directly use the string "<cf:Arabic Typesetting><0x0020><cf:>" in the Output string column?

My filter list consists of:
1. convert utf-8 to utf-32
2. Unicode map (utf mode= utf-32)
3. convert untf-32 to utf-8
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Hi Jeff,

Not currently. The easiest way is to use a second filter to convert the text for you. For a future version, do you think it would be useful to be able to right-click and then popup a window where you could enter Unicode and have it output as you need it?
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