TextPipe Pro 7.8 Final Beta available - release candidate

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TextPipe Pro 7.8 Final Beta available - release candidate

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The latest TextPipe Pro Beta can be downloaded from:

and from the pre-release link in the secure area.

What's New in TextPipe v7.8

New option to show special characters such as spaces, tabs and line feeds.
New option - triple-clicking a line selects the whole line.
New filter to convert Filters\Convert\UTF16-LE to Escaped Unicode (ASCII +
The file list can now contain http://, ftp:// and gopher:// urls to download
The user is now given the option to manually start Word or Excel if they are
not running when TextPipe needs them (with the Convert Word/Excel Document to
Text filters).
Pattern matches can now name captured variables for use in the replacement
text e.g. searching for (?P<dollars>\d+) would then allow the macro @dollars
to be used in the replacement, and also as a global anywhere else in the
filter list.
Far more complex patterns can be processed, with support for up to 99
captured variables, from $1-$99.
New 'File\Send to...' function for filter lists.
New Fixed Width to Delimited Output wizard - makes converting fixed width
files to CSV, Tab simple.
Mainframe Copybook Wizard now allows underscores (_) and single quotes (') in
field names in 'XXX_XXXX 4 AN 1-4'-type copybooks.
Wizard now removes the content of fields called FILLER* .
Wizard now copes with repeated single-fields, as well as GROUPED OCCURS.
EBCDIC packed decimal fields can now have either a leading sign, trailing
sign or no sign.
New option to trim leading spaces and zeroes from fields.
New option to only expand numeric fields - Alpha fields are left unchanged.
This is useful when the target application can accept EBCDIC data but can't
handle packed decimals.
New option to allow COMP-3 to be unsigned.
Wizard can now cope with removing line numbers and commented copybook lines
(those with a '* ' in column 7).
Wizard can now cope with field definitions spread over multiple lines.
Wizard now remembers settings betting uses in a single session.
Expand Binary Number to EBCDIC filter now outputs a fixed width result.
Expand Unsigned EBCDIC filters now output a space for invalid digits A-F.
EasyPatterns now produce optimized perl regex output. Added EasyPattern
EBCDIC('') for matching EBCDIC values. Fixed parsing error with ASCII()
function. Now handles back references to groups 1-99. Fixed DayNumber
insisting on leading zero. EBCDIC() and ASCII() functions can now be used in
conjunction with not ... as character classes.
Hex displays now all use '.' to replace space.
Query replace window now shows hex offsets for Hex Dump display.
Convert Word Document to Text/Convert Excel Spreadsheets to Text now support
Unicode output as an option. Follow this with Convert UTF-16 to UTF-8 to
process these files using normal filters.
New File Shred filter to completely overwrite file contents. Run repeatedly
for more shredding.
Unicode property tables for pattern matching updated to Unicode 4.1.0, and
matching engine updated to PCRE 6.4.
Split filter now can split at a pattern.
New Split Filter option to avoid overloading directories. When more than
10000 files are created, TextPipe starts a new folder.
Fixed bug where \\ could appear in split output filename.
Filter list tree now auto-scrolls.
Filter list tree now allows mass enable/disable of filters with select and
New Filters to Add File Headers/Footers. These filters do not output anything
when a restriction changes, so they only output once per file.
Now can drag and drop filters between filter lists in different windows.
Filters Add Header/Footer/Left Margin/Right Margin now always check for
@macros embedded in the text, regardless of whether the text comes from the
memo or an external file.
Fixed bug with search/replaces where an internal conversion from ansi to
Unicode and back could result in high-ansi characters not being mapped
correctly back to their original characters. In particular, the ansi (tm)
symbol mapped back to TWO characters.
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