Bug: double open version: TP 8.1.9

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Bug: double open version: TP 8.1.9

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When you save filters "a.fll" and "b.fll" and in preferences when you check "Reopen last filter" than close TextPipe and click the "b.fll" from folder he opens first "a.fll" and next opens "b.fll". :(
I thing he should open only "b.fll" because we click on the file *.fll
and Reopen last filter option should be works only if we first run TextPipe.exe (clean instance without open parameters).
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Re: Bug: double open version: TP 8.1.9

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Double-clicking a file in Explorer sends a DDE message, which seems to be passed to the app *after* it has initialised.

Initialisation checks the 'Re-open' setting, and hence opens the re-open file first, then the DDE message is received.

We use DDE because it allows the filter to be opened in the current copy of TextPipe rather than opening a new window for each filter.

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