Search and Replace - Too many times

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Search and Replace - Too many times

Post by Caffeinated »

I am using TextPipe Pro v6.6 and am encountering a problem. I am trying to split a file every time the first character (record type) changes.

The file is sorted, so I only need to split it when the first character changes.

As suggested previously, I am using Search/Replace within a column restriction filter (1...1) to flag where splits should occur. In my Search/Replace I have the "Replace first only" option checked.

However, it is finding and replacing for every occurence of the character I specify. Not just the first occurence. Any thoughts?
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David Johnson
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Post by David Johnson »

I'd like to take a look at your filter. Would you "Export Filter to Clipboard" and paste it here?
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Check 'Replace First Only" Box

Post by jring »

Do this: Restrict to 1 Line at a Time:
Use Replace pattern - subfilter - Be certain to Check the setting box on the bottom of the filter that says:

"Replace First Only"

As long as you've got a handle on your search/replace pattern. This should work fine

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