Removing IMG tag

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Removing IMG tag

Post by dimaboyee »

Please Help
I'm trying to edit my HTML tables and turn them into csv, I'm having a
problem taking out the <img src="/images/products/*.jpg"> tag and just turning
it the file name like *.jpg with out the <img> tag around it.

For example

<td class="picture"><img src="/images/products/dur_07_db201627.jpg"></td>

gotta turn into this

<td class="picture">dur_07_db201627.jpg</td>
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Re: Removing IMG tag

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See our emailed reply Dmitry,

Use a perl pattern of
<img src="(.*)">

Replace with (Extract option checked)

Also - try using v8.2.1 - available now from Where did you get v7.6.1?
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