How to extract or remove bad words within a text.

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How to extract or remove bad words within a text.

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So this is another great task which I can't understand how to do at least partially: So what i mean under the "bad words" it a word that after scanner recognition has a symbols, numbers or letters.
For example:
The TextPipe dow^load contain8 over 200 filters and maps for TextPipe, 1isted below.
More filter files and examples can be fo*nd in the archiv% of the TextPipe discussion group.
You must sub$cribe in order to download the filter files and search the archives.
Deleting numbers
And deleting all non word characters: as !@#$%^&*()-__=\|
And all these words I have to extract / remove.
The main problem is how to define a single word as a set of characters between spaces...
Here is the one perl pattern:
It removes some words with numbers but not all even when the number is obvious...
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Re: How to extract or remove bad words within a text.

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deleting all non word characters, either use a Map (Filters\Maps\New map) or use an EasyPattern

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[ <!@#$%^&*()-__=\|> ]
replace with nothing.

A word can be defined using the perl pattern

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Use a perl pattern match to match this and send the result to a subfilter. There, you can use a Filters\Remove\Remove lines\Remove matching lines with an EasyPattern of

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[ <!@#$%^&*()-__=\|> ]
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