TextPipe 8.4 has been released

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TextPipe 8.4 has been released

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-- What's New --

* New pre-compiling of replace expressions for MUCH faster replacing.

* New 'Break on Change' option for captured variables makes debugging
far easier.
- thanks to Renee Kamke (TextPipe consultant)

* Revamped the simultaneous search/replace filter to work with lists
of 300,000+ replacements - both exact matches and pattern matches.
New 'Longest First' option for translators.
- requested by HANHONG LI (John)

* New command line option /CLOSEONCOMPLETION - which closes the
filter window when a thread completes. This is typically used with
a /Z command line file and a large set of filters.
- requested by dmaristizabal (forums)

-- Important Changes for Existing Filters - Please Read --

* Reverted handling of blank fields/blank lines to pre-v8.3.5
handling. Pad to Width and Add Left Margin filters cannot be used
for blank fields (use an Add Footer filter to give a blank field
some width first).

* Fixed bug in HTML Restriction filter where the action of the
'Include start and end tag' option was inverted.

* Grep filter has now been changed so that it does NOT match empty

-- Mainframe Functions - Pro Only --

* Copybook filter now copes with nested OCCURS where the nesting
contains only one field (special case).
- thanks to David Johnson (TextPipe consultant)

* Copybook filter now copes with OCCURS DEPENDING fields.

* Copybook filter now outputs the header only once - very useful
inside the restrictions that are required for processing variable
format files.

* Copybook wizard - fixed disabling of trailing delimiter on last

-- Other Improvements --

* New option for Count Duplicates Filter to change the format of
the results - e.g. put tab between the count and the string,
reverse the count/string order etc.

* Remove duplicate lines AND Count duplicate lines filters now do
not require that the duplicate lines be adjacent (i.e. that the
list is pre-sorted).

* Grep filter now has an option to match UTF-8 characters for
Unicode text.
- requested by Anthony Fitzgerald, SimulTrans

* Convert to Word List filter now allows words with numbers such as
Catch-22, 24-7, 5th, 7-Eleven etc.

* TextPipe is now MUCH faster when logging is disabled.

* TextPipe no longer records output file names beyond a count of
10000. These filenames are only used for .BAK file recovery, and
they cause a performance slow down when millions of files are being

* Fixed function for removing empty output files. The input file was
being deleted if the output file had zero size.

* Fixed problem with duplicate data appearing in large sorts that
required merge files with 2 or more merge stages.
- thanks to Alfred Persson
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