FileWatcher 2.5.8 - stops watching

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FileWatcher 2.5.8 - stops watching

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We are running FileWatcher 2.5.8 on 6 separate WinXP computers for our 6 xerox creo printers. FileWatcher notices when a new print file has been posted to the printer incoming folder, which then triggers a vbscript to pull the file into the creo printer hot file for processing.

This system works 98% of the time, but sometimes a new file is posted to the incoming folder and FileWatcher does nothing - it's as if it stopped watching. We then have to open FileWatcher, tell it to stop watching, then to start watching again, and then we need to delete the file that was posted to the printer incoming file and re-post it so FileWatcher sees it. FileWatcher gives no indication in the log that it lost a connection or any other indication of what went wrong.

Anyone know how we can fix this problem? Thanks in advance ...!

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Re: FileWatcher 2.5.8 - stops watching

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Hi Bill,

The current version is 2.8.1 - May 18, 2010.

You can also tell FIle Watcher to process existing files when it starts.

Even with the old version there is no reason why the new file should not be picked up. Can you tell me more about the process that is placing a new file there?

You may wish to try the 'Use polling' option if the location is a network location.
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