File and Folder Watcher - mapped drives not available

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File and Folder Watcher - mapped drives not available

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Under Windows 7 and possibly Windows Vista, mapped drives available in Explorer are not automatically made available to child processes - such as tasks started by File and Folder watcher.

The best solution is to use

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net use <drive letter> \\<servername>\<sharename>
in the batch file that File Watcher starts for you.

More reading: ... abled.aspx
This is an old topic, I know, but it carried over to Windows 7 and this article came the closest to the issue I was searching for. Through "trial and error" I found a solution to the problem I was seeing like this by:

1) make sure the command prompt was opened as an administrator (allows access to all folders)

2) use the command "net use <drive letter> \\<servername>\<sharename>" for the share you need to access

I recommend trying this without running the prompt as an admin first to see if it does what you need. In my case, I was copying shortcuts to the c:\users\public\desktop folder through a batch file to install custom utilites we use, so I required the admin access.

Also...and this may be a Windows 7 thing as didn't use Vista much...I found that in a standard (non-admin) command prompt session, I could access the network shares, but I could not through an admin command prompt.

I found that I could include this line as part of the batch files I use as long as the batch files were run as an administrator. It worked like a champ.
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