Why no forum for Dirdate?

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Why no forum for Dirdate?

Post by Chiurato »

I see forums for all your products except dirdate. Looking for some help here. The following function does not work in the barch file
"If you have restored a set of files and they all have a creation date of 'now', then you
can easily set the creation date to the last modified date using:"

FOR /R %%A IN (*.*) DO dirdate -CREATION file="%%A" "%A"

I copied that exact line into notepad and saved it as a batch file (.bat) and nothing happens! Screen flashes Spews out
Getting reference date/time <modified> from file d:\blah blah blah..word.doc

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Re: Why no forum for Dirdate?

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Hmm, please try:

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FOR /R %%A IN (*.*) DO dirdate -CREATION file="%A" "%A"

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