Script to create folders every 500 files

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Script to create folders every 500 files

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In FileWatcher, specify the command as

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and the parameters as

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Your Path\Group files by 500.vbs
Set FileWatcher to watch c:\incoming

If you edit the .vbs file, you can alter the number of files per folder (default 500), the incoming folder (default c:\incoming), and the base name of new output folders created (default c:\doc).

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'FileWatcher script - move files to a new folder

Option Explicit

const incoming = "c:\incoming"
const maxfiles = 500
'this is the base filename, e.g. c:\doc01, c:\doc02, c:\doc03 ...
const folderbase = "c:\doc"

dim fso
dim files
dim folder

Function getNewFolder()

  'find an unused folderbase name
  dim number
  number = 1
    'does it exist already?
    msgbox folderbase + CStr(number)
	if not fso.folderExists( folderbase + CStr(number) ) then
      msgbox "creating " + folderbase + CStr(number)
	  fso.createFolder folderbase + CStr(number)
	  getNewFolder = folderbase + CStr(number)
	  Exit Function
	end if
	'already exists, try again
    number = number + 1

end Function

'move up to maxfiles files to a new folder
sub moveFiles( files, newFolder )

  dim filename
  msgbox "Moving to " + newFolder
  dim count
  count = 0
  For each filename In files
    msgbox filename
    fso.MoveFile filename, newFolder + "\"
	count = count + 1
	if count >= maxfiles then 
		Exit Sub
	end if

end sub

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'Count files in incoming folder
Set folder = fso.GetFolder(incoming)
Set files = folder.Files
if files.count > maxfiles then
  moveFiles files, getNewFolder() 
end if

Set fso = Nothing
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