DirDate crashing when exiting

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DirDate crashing when exiting

Post by SteveH »

I just discovered DirDate and happy to find it can fix file creation dates on copied folders. I downloaded and installed the latest version and it does exactly what I wanted but with one problem. DirDate seems to run to completion but then always causes an AppCrash error instead of just ending. This causes Windows to pop up a dialog telling me that DirDate has stopped working and, after I click "Close the Program", an error is reported in the command window as "Runtime error 216 at 000000000040BDE3".

This happens whether DirDate is run from the command window (run as administrator) or as part of a batch file. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64.

If you can solve this for me I will buy this wonderful program.
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Re: DirDate crashing when exiting

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Hi Steve,

Can you please let me know the command line you are using?
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