File watcher on a USP device

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File watcher on a USP device

Post by BrianK1 »

I am interested in File Watcher.
I am having to use a company laptop.
I was using File Monitor but it does not run on a USB thumb drive and the corp found it and disabled it.
I am required to monitor a file for .zip files and perform certain tasks with these files that are dropped in the file within 30 minutes of the files arrival.
Sounds pretty simple, right? Well I am having to answer the phone and perform other tasks as well at the same time.
So I was wondering if this was a stand alone software I can run on a thumb drive, which they do not have access to.
Basically I am looking for something simple that will monitor a file I specify, and play a sound and/or play a flash. Better yet make my screen flash when a file is dropped in it, that I can run from a USB device.
Any help, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: File watcher on a USP device

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Yes, the portable version will run directly from a USB device.
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