File Watcher and Settings File

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File Watcher and Settings File

Post by hymes »

Hello, I think File Watcher will solve all my problems. I have been struggling with a "bug" with Windows Media Player (WMP). Here is the situation:

1. I use a windows media center system to record TV/Movies. They get recorded as *.dvr-ms files (microsoft format)

2. I use another program to convert these files to MPG files that both WMP and the PS3 (playstation 3) can use.

3. I use WMP to do the media sharing to the PS3.

All this works OK EXCEPT the BUG in WMP.....

What happens is as the drv-ms file is being converted WMP picks it up and thinks it is a 15-20 show/file where in reality it ends up being a 1-2 hour show/file. Bottom line is there is a bug with WMP and I can't fix it. So what I want to do is this.

1. Have FILE WATCHER watch the conversion folder for any new files that show up. When the conversion file is completely DONE, then have FILE WATCH copy it (ie. using a bat file) to a folder that WMP is monitoring. WMP is OK with this. It just can't handle a file being converted.

So, after all that, it looks like this software will do what I want BUT I can't find any information on the SETTINGS FILE? I assume it is an ascii file? what is the format? what is the syntax? what can you put in it?

Thanks so much,
Alan Hymes
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Re: File Watcher and Settings File

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Hi Alan,

The XML settings file is used by FileWatcher, and while the settings and names are somewhat obvious, we don't intend to document them. Instead, use the GUI to define settings to be what you want, then save them to a settings file.
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