Keyboard Locker Problems

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Keyboard Locker Problems

Post by kingmanbob »

I entered the activation key and it works fine, but when I type the unlock code it says I have to buy a liscense, which I already have. The real problem I have is it disables the task manager. I can't even reboot with it running. I'm sure it's for securety, but all I use it for is the cats on the keyboard problem. If Zoom player crashes, I can't hit ctrl alt delete. I'm stuck with having to pull the plug. It needs a low securety mode allowing reboot and ctrl alt delete. I keep having to go to regedit to get my task manager back!
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Re: Keyboard Locker Problems

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You need to uninstall the eval before installing the full version - the full version does not tell you to buy now.

We can add an option in a future version to optionally disable task manager to get around this problem.
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