Cannot figure out how to find and replace excel links

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Cannot figure out how to find and replace excel links

Post by tbryant »

I have a word document with a number of inline shapes linked to an excel document; i.e. a table that is linked to the excel file c:\BlahBlah\Arizona.xls, coordinates: Table1!R2C1:R19C9 (Table1 being the name of the worksheet within the excel file, found in the grid co-ordinates A2:I19). If I search for the string Table1!R2C1:R19C9, I cannot seem to locate it (in order to ultimately change the co-ordinates).

I am using word 2002. It seems as though I have tried all the possible search locations selected, as well as "inside field codes" selected.

Is what I am seeking to do possible?
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Post by DataMystic Support »

No, it's not possible because the search location is inside an OLE link, not inside any 'normal' kind of field.

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