Can Pipes save as new .docx etc format in SharePoint?

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Can Pipes save as new .docx etc format in SharePoint?

Post by europhil »

Hi, is it possible to use WordPipe, ExcelPipe etc to open pre Office 2007 docs in SharePoint and save them as 2007+ format, ie, convert from .doc to .docx, .xls to .xlsx etc?

I can map a drive to the SharePoint Libraries and also run your software on the actual server itself (a pre-requisite for WordPipe on SharePoint I beleive) - no prob. We are using latest SharePoint 2103 Foundation - although Foundation doesn't have Word Automation Services (unlike the Server version) but not sure if this is necessary for your software. I can install Office 2013 etc if nec on the server too, if it needs it.

Hope you can advise, thanks,

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Re: Can Pipes save as new .docx etc format in SharePoint?

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Hi Phil,

No, WordPipe does not have this feature. However, with WordPipe we include a macro that can be easily modified to run through all documents and convert them to .docx.

We don't require Word Automation Services, although it does sounds like this will do the conversion you need.

If you have a large list of search/replaces, it can make more sense to use our TextPipe Pro product on the .docx files. We recently had a customer who converted all their documents to .docx first, and then applied a list of 600,000 search/replace pairs to each and every document - TextPipe was able to blaze through this list at the rate of 48MB/30 seconds.
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