New user having trouble with Excel Pipe

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New user having trouble with Excel Pipe

Post by jasons »


We recently purchased ExcelPipe 3.3 which we run with Excel 2000 (9.0.3821 sr1).

We are trying to run a simple routine of replacing all instances of x:\ with t:\

Everytime I have run this package i get reports back stating that changes have been made. On checking the spreadsheets I was surprised to discover that X:\ doesn't even exist in some of these files. As we have in excess of 20000 files to convert I could really do with some help.

In addition the system grinds to a halt when running Excelpipe. It is a Dell poweredge 2650 with 4gb RAM, Dual Processors and a RAID 5 Array. The Excel.exe process just seems to hang.

Any advice?
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Hi Jason,

Are you replacing inside hyperlinks? Or in normal cells? Or in shapes?

Could you please email us a sample document that you believe doesn't have X:\ in it?

Excel tends to choke after huge numbers of files. We have a pending release where ExcelPipe 'refreshes' (closes down and restarts) Excel after a given number of documents (usually 500-1000). This may help you out - please contact me via email (with the files above) and we'll arrange for you to get it.
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