ExcelPipe not replacing text and reporting spurious results

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ExcelPipe not replacing text and reporting spurious results

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We are experiencing a basic and serious problem with ExcelPipe which is not replacing link text in cell formulae as required.

We are updating our networked shared drives and will therefore be using new drive letter mappings. The shared folders contain thousands of Excel spreadsheets which contain links to external data sources within cell formulae. These links contain drive letter references which need to be updated (ie, N:\ or T:\ instead of X:\ or G:\).

We have purchased ExcelPipe to help do the simple find and replace work on these thousands of spreadsheets. However, ExcelPipe does not seem to be working.

The reports seem to produce sensible numbers of instances of the search criteria being found.

But when we check spreadsheets for which it has reported one or more replacements made, we find that no drive letter references have been replaced.

The demo version that we used when evaluating the product worked fine. But it is disturbing that it is not making the basic changes for which we purchased the product in the first place.

This problem has already been submitted by my colleague (technical services manager) last Friday March 24 as follows:

It is now four days since we submitted that issue on this forum and we have received no response from DataMystic.

Also, the problem we are experiencing has previously been reported by another user, specifically:
When I use the button "start replacing" it shows me, that a few changes are made. In fact when I look in the files, there are no changes made.
(See viewtopic.php?t=259 for full post)

It is frustrating that you have not reported the resolution to that user's problem on this forum as I would have expected.

What is the causing this fundamental problem with ExcelPipe? When will we receive a response to these urgent support requests?
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Being attended by email...
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