Wordpipe and Sharepoint

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Wordpipe and Sharepoint

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I am trying to start a find/replace action on sharepoint documents but nothing happens.
Wordpipe does not found any document.
The documents are in a library http:\\srvname\sitename\documents.
I tried to place the full URL of the file in de file list -> nothing happens -> no files found
and I tried the scan for files option and using the url op the library. -> no files found.

An other problem is that when I select automatic detection of the Word version, the tool says that I have Word97.
But i have Word XP, but what version I try, it keeps saying that I have Word97.

By the way, I am testing Wordpipe 5.7.3 Evaluation edition.

Can you help me,

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Re: Wordpipe and Sharepoint

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Hi Gert,

You need to run WordPipe on the sharepoint server itself - it currently doesn't retrieve sharepoint documents from the library.
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